Coming Soon: The HSLANJ Group Licensing Initiative’s Fall Offer!

by Karen Hendricks / 13 September 2018 / No Comments

HSLANJ members, primarily medical librarians located throughout the state of New Jersey, recently identified the #1 most valuable service that HSLANJ provides: the Group Licensing Initiative (GLI)! This is according to a summer 2018 membership survey conducted by the organization’s Strategic Direction Task Force.

While we are thrilled about this news, we are also excited about outreach! The GLI continues to invite and welcome participation by librarians throughout the three NNLM regions that we serve (the NNLM/MAR, NNLM/SEA and NNLM/NER).

Why do medical librarians value participation in the GLI?

First, there is no membership fee in order to participate in the GLI. All medical librarians in the three regions are welcome to participate as they’re able, as budgets allow, in either or both Spring or Fall Offer periods.

We recently sat down with Janina Kaldan, MLS, AHIP, of the Shinn-Lathrope Health Science Library, Morristown Medical Center, Morristown, New Jersey, for her thoughts on the subject. Also notable, she served as HSLANJ President, 2017-18.

I’ve been involved in HSLANJ as an organization since 2000, and I’ve participated in the GLI since the beginning—since 2002. My participation is minimal sometimes due to my budget.

The thing that’s most important: The GLI eliminates the need to negotiate with vendors. And with the GLI we can get better and longer-lasting discounts. And what I like most is the renewal and invoicing process—it’s very efficient. Getting one invoice for all the resources is very easy.

Do you  have any advice to medical librarians who are considering participating in the GLI?

Give it a try—you’ll see how wonderful and efficient the renewal and invoicing process is. They negotiate everything for you, find the best prices for you.

As a group, the GLI has a lot of power, they are able to get us better terms and a greater discount because of the group purchase.

The Fall 2018 GLI Offer will be released this Friday, September 14! Keep an eye on your email for all details. Feel free to contact GLI Project Manager Robb Mackes with any questions: email or 570-856-5952.