Fall 2013 Offer is Available!

by Robb Mackes / 17 September 2013 / No Comments

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News from the Group Licensing Initiative…

The Fall Offer is now available thanks to the negotiating of the GLI. All medical librarians in the MAR region are invited to participate, whether this is your first or your 12th year of participation. Group purchasing benefits all! Details and links to the offer are below.

More than 100 medical facilities throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region regularly participate in the GLI. We appreciate your support and feedback in presenting an extensive, Fall 2013 Offer, with the following features:
  • More than 845 resources
  • A cost savings of 12-75% off regular pricing
  • NEW: resources and online order entry from the American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Also, please note that while the Fall 2013 Offer is open to all hospital librarians in the Mid-Atlantic Region (DE, NJ, NY and PA), please double-check the upper left-hand corner of each sheet for resource availability in your state. The New England Journal of Medicine is only available to librarians in NJ and DE. All other resources are available in all states.

Deadline for participation: Friday, November 1 


  1. Download the Cover Letter, including helpful guidelines. This can be found on the Current Offer page of the website.
  2. Download the Fall 2013 Offer. Due to our agreements with vendors, this information, located under the Members Only section of the website, is password-protected. To receive password information, please contact Robb.
  3. Please complete all forms as thoroughly as possible, even if you have submitted previous offers.
  4. Contact Project Manager Robb Mackes with any questions:rtmackes@gmail.com or (570) 856-5952.
  5. Email your completed offer to Robb Mackes by the deadline of Friday, November 1.

Please Note: You have two choices for completing the offer:

  • The Fall 2013 Offer is an interactive, “working PDF,” meaning you can type directly into the PDF.
  • You still need to print and sign the first page of each worksheet, but hopefully this format will save you from hand writing everything.
  • The totals from each worksheet transfer to the order summary sheet, and fields such as hospital name, contact name and bed count auto populate throughout the document.
  • Please check your numbers on the summary sheet to make sure they transferred properly. You can input correct numbers in those fields if they didn’t transfer properly.
  • Or use a NEW 2nd option:  Online order entry!  Key your orders online to save paper, time and energy.  Upon completion, you’ll be presented with an order summary that must be signed and emailed to Robb Mackes to complete the order to be placed.  Feel free to contact Robb for more details and to activate your account.