Making Headlines: Group Licensing Initative

by Karen Hendricks / 21 March 2016 / No Comments

More than 200 media outlets across the country are telling our story! What story? The ground-breaking, innovative story of how the nonprofit HSLANJ organization’s Group Licensing Initiative is helping MAR and SE/A hospitals share technology and savings.

Here is a snippet of the news story, which features interviews with several medical librarians telling how the HSLANJ GLI is a time-saving help to them:

PRINCETON, NJ (March 15, 2016) – All hospitals and medical facilities in the mid-Atlantic and southeastern Atlantic regions are welcome to participate in a technology-sharing, cost-cutting consortium organized by the non-profit Health Sciences Library Association of New Jersey’s Group Licensing Initiative (HSLANJ GLI).

The consortium, in its 14th year, offers more than 500 resources from 13 highly-regarded academic publishers, at a cost savings of 15-70% off regular pricing, through negotiations and the leveraging of group purchasing power.  The region encompasses 14 states; Washington D.C.; Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands; and represents more than 26% of the nation’s hospitals and medical facilities.

“Being a medical librarian is more challenging than ever because in healthcare or hospital systems today, everyone needs mobile information,” according to Lisa Block, medical librarian, Atlanta Medical Center, Atlanta, Georgia. 2015 was her first year participating with the HSLANJ GLI. “The biggest convenience of the consortium is you can get more for your money—there’s a big discount on resources.”

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