MAR and SE/A: Profile and Voices

by Robb Mackes / 14 October 2015 / No Comments

MAR SE_A Map rParticipation in the HSLANJ Group Licensing Initiative (GLI) is open to all hospitals and medical facilities in the NNLM’s Middle Atlantic (MAR) and Southeastern/Atlantic Regions (SE/A). October 30 is the deadline for participation in the current round of resources, offering more than 750 electronic resources from 15 vendors at a cost savings of 15-70% off regular pricing.

A few statistics about the MAR and SE/A:

  • These two regions encompass 14 states; Washington D.C.; Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • The MAR and SE/A contain more than 26% of the nation’s hospitals and medical facilities.

What an impact the HSLANJ GLI can have, collectively, in bargaining power, as more and more medical librarians participate!

Here’s what the executive directors for both regions had to say recently, about the HSLAN GLI:

“Seamless access to quality, evidence-based resources is critical to clinical decision-making and improving health outcomes. There are very few other consortia in existence. The HSLANJ GLI has a track record of more than a dozen years—a history of success—and it’s only going to get stronger and expand further, with more buying power which significantly reduces costs for everyone.”

-Renae Barger, Executive Director, National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NNLM), Middle Atlantic Region (MAR), Pittsburgh

“Hospital libraries are very much challenged to stay open today, often falling prey to cost-cutting measures. It’s not a secret that the cost of quality medical journals, books and databases is exorbitant. The HSLANJ GLI makes it so much easier to afford this vital literature which directly supports patient care.”

-Dale Prince, Executive Director, NNLM, Southeastern/Atlantic Region (SE/A), Baltimore

Here’s what medical librarians throughout the regions are saying about the HSLANJ GLI:

“I knew I needed to subscribe to several SAGE journals and I noticed a SAGE license was possible via HSLANJ. One of the most rewarding aspects of participating is… the license does allow ILL–that and remote access.”

-Mark Vrabel, MLS, AHIP, ELS, Information Resources Supervisor, Oncology Nursing Society, Pittsburgh, PA

“The biggest challenge is the rising cost for electronic resources. And the GLI helps to keep things affordable.”

-Jean Jenkins, Medical Librarian, Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Hospital, Binghamton, NY

“A hospital library is not a money-making department… we have limited (monetary) budgets but are trying to provide as much (information) as we can. We are always trying to find discounts so we can get more resources for our physicians and health care providers. I became interested in HSLANJ because there isn’t such a group for independent hospitals in Maryland. Robb Mackes is very responsive—he knows his stuff, is very professional, and I really like working with him.”

-Jennifer Wang, Medical Librarian, Greater Baltimore Medical Center, Baltimore, MD

October 30 is the deadline for participation in the Fall 2015 Offer. Please contact Robb Mackes, MLS, AHIP, GLI Project Manager for additional information, (570) 856-5952 (or click here for email).