Must-Have Medical Offerings from SAGE: Significant Content Contribution from HSLANJ Membership!

by Robb Mackes / 12 September 2014 / No Comments

The seventh article in our series, previewing resources available through the Fall 2014 Offer, we highlight SAGE’s latest offerings:

By Sandra Hopps, SAGE Senior Marketing Manager, Library Marketing

Did you know that staff from HSLANJ member institutions account for over 25 SAGE journal editorial board members and more than 350 authors who have  written over 800 articles across SAGE’s medical journals? This demonstrates the strong connection between HSLANJ members and SAGE content, plusyour support of high-quality journal research.

As you may know, SAGE hosts our highly-ranked journals content on the award-winning platform SAGE Journals, powered by HighWire Press. Our collections and packages span a wide range of STM disciplines, from cardiology to psychology, and more!

Alternatively, our larger, more cost-effective journal packages may be a perfect solution for your needs:

Launched in June 2012, SAGE Knowledge is the ultimate social sciences digital library for students, researchers, and faculty. The platform provides researchers a user-friendly interface in which to cross-search and seamlessly access a wide breadth of must-have SAGE book and reference content from one source. SAGE Knowledge offers your library access to many SAGE titles available electronically for the first time!The SAGE Knowledge Health & Social Care discipline e-book collection includes more than 300 titles from top scholars in the field that reflect the full range of research interests in Health & Social Care, including Aging, to Policy, to Sports Medicine, to Public Health.

SAGE is also pleased to announce the acquisition of The Goodwin Group International, LLC publisher of MD Conference Express® (MDCE), the first publication to subject medical conference highlights to the rigorous test of peer review, which bridges the gap between live data presentation and publication in academic literature.

MDCE offers authoritative, peer-reviewed highlights from major medical conferences that change the practice of medicine. For a list of recent reports please visit: