Springer Nature: Medicine ebooks

by Karen Hendricks / 06 November 2017 / No Comments

The HSLANJ Group Licensing Initiative’s Fall 2017 Offer is now available to all medical librarians in the NNLM/MAR, SE/A, and NER. Today we continue our fall articles, highlighting new products and collections available from vendors. For more information on the HSLANJ GLI, contact Project Manager Robb Mackes  (email or 570-856-5952).

By Caitlin Cricco, Springer Nature, Senior Marketing Manager

Your library is critical to fast, effective and cutting-edge patient care. So whether you’re providing information support to physicians, pharmacists, allied health professionals or administrators, our intelligently organized, high-impact journals and books empower you to provide the most relevant custom content that will deliver strong therapeutic results.

For any new customers to HSLANJ, or customers who do not currently subscribe to ebooks, we are offering an end of year promotion for 2017 ebooks. Customers can purchase 12 months of access to our 2017 ebooks, provided that the customer did not previously have an ebook license with Springer Nature via HSLANJ or direct.

This package includes all 2017 copyright year Medicine ebooks, which includes 800+ titles, with top accessed titles such as The Handbook of Salutogenesis, Atlas of Genetic Diagnosis and Counseling, Principles of Diabetes Mellitus, Evidence-Based Critical Care, and The Molecular Basis of Human Cancer.

For more information or to get set up with access, please contact your dedicated HSLANJ Licensing Manager, Christina Sontag: email / 212.460.1714