uCentral: Using New Technology

by Robb Mackes / 10 September 2014 / No Comments

Anticipation is building for the Fall 2014 Offer, soon to be released by the HSLANJ Group Licensing Initiative. In preparation, we are pleased to continue our series of articles by vendors showcasing new products available through the Offer.

By Scott Lederer, Unbound Medicine

As little as 15 years ago, the prospect of carrying around an entire collection of medical resources seemed like a daunting task.  A quick peek onto a book shelf of a health care librarian would reveal a wall of books that if placed into a bag would potentially need the World’s Strongest Man to carry it around without getting hurt.  Additionally, many of these resources quickly became outdated as health care research continued to evolve and advance, while the print on the pages always stayed the same.

Fast-forward to the present day and there are still shelves full of books and heavy bags being toted around, but one thing has changed – doctors, nurses, students, and just about everyone else is always carrying with them a smartphone, tablet, or some other kind of mobile device.  Mobile technology has become ubiquitous, and with it comes the convenience of access to information at the point of need.

ucentral_icon_75x75uCentral™, a downloadable mobile app, leverages new technology that health care professionals are already using by delivering trusted, up-to-date medical information wherever and whenever it is needed.  With uCentral, libraries can choose any combination of more than 40 popular medical resources and have them delivered directly to their patron’s mobile devices.  Users of uCentral can simply download the resources to their smartphones and tablets and quickly search and browse the information they need, without needing an internet connection.

Unbound Medicine has worked tirelessly to create a user experience in uCentral that is unmatched anywhere else.  The app contains an intuitive interface and easy-to-use navigation tools to make finding answers to clinical questions simple and fast.  Each resource can also be updated remotely so librarians can be sure that their patrons are always using the most current medical information.

In addition to delivering resources directly to mobile devices, each resource is integrated with helpful tools to make using the app more appealing.  Cross Links will quickly link from information found in one resource to related information found in another.  Grasp™ is an exclusive study system that allows users to study content on the go.  And MEDLINE Search connects anyone to more than 22+ million journal articles directly from the PubMed database.

Instant access to information that comes with mobile technology is sometimes viewed as a threat to the way a library can work.  However, libraries can choose to fight inevitable change or adapt to the direction information access is heading.  uCentral empowers librarians by allowing them to choose the resources they need and easily deliver them on the mobile devices their patrons are already using.

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