VisualDx: “Leader in Diagnostic Accuracy” Available through the HSLANJ Group Licensing Initiative

by Karen Hendricks / 01 November 2016 / No Comments

By Phil White, Clinical Account Director, VisualDx

Today, health care providers are expected to know more and do more. They want to give their patients high quality care, yet too often time constraints, complex cases, and cumbersome technology result in errors.

Doctors and nurses cannot do it alone and should not be expected to memorize everything. The Institute of Medicine released a groundbreaking report on diagnostic errors in September 2015. Errors account for 10% of hospital inpatient deaths and 12% of hospital adverse events.

“Most people will experience at least one diagnostic error in their lifetime, sometimes with devastating consequences.” -Institute of Medicine, September 2015

Now imagine that provider having that expert at hand – to guide a faster, more accurate diagnosis. VisualDx is the leader in diagnostic accuracy, in use at over 1,500 hospitals and institutions and over half the U.S. medical schools. It’s groundbreaking clinical decision support software that assists doctors and nurses at the point of care. Now available across general medicine, this tool is an essential resource for every clinician.

  • 97% of physicians believe using VisualDx improved patient care.
  • In a random, blind study, VisualDx improved diagnostic accuracy more than 120% compared to standard textbooks and reference guides.
  • Clinicians save up to 26 minutes per day when using VisualDx.


Empowering our Students, Residents, and Clinicians

VisualDx is based on the fact that information-assisted decision-making is far more beneficial than just memory-based education. We are seeing that transition with peer-reviewed, evidence-based clinical decision support systems. But what sets VisualDx apart is the power of visualization and a tool that thinks and works like a clinician in practice.  The new VisualDx now offers:

  • NEW Double the diagnoses. From 1,300 to 2,700 diagnoses, VisualDx will provide a more holistic decision support to include the chief complaints seen in general medicine
  • NEW The Sympticon™. Look for these symptom icons to visually demonstrate symptoms of disease.
  • NEW More Images. The world’s best medical image library has expanded to include more photos, x-rays, and now the Sympticons.
  • NEW Guided Questionnaires. Choose to be guided with a questionnaire and/or type in additional findings. VisualDx can help you remember which questions are relevant to a particular symptom or complaint.


  • Concise expert content and therapy guidelines for use at the point of care.
  • Patient handouts for key diagnoses.
  • Integrated into the workflow: mobile, electronic health record, UpToDate.
  • Earn CME. Acquire Risk Management and Category 1 CME through point-of-care tracking of clinical inquiries.


Speed is a necessity. Accuracy is essential. These two principles in medicine are brought together in the most widely used and recognized clinical decision support. VisualDx is trusted by doctors and nurses all over the world.  Our honors include:

  • Best in KLAS 2015/2016 Category Leader: Clinical Decision Support — Point of Care Clinical Reference (fifth consecutive award)
  • Voted top apps at Harvard and University of Pennsylvania

See the possibilities. For more accurate diagnoses. And better patient care. VisualDx.

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