Deadline Extension for the HSLANJ GLI

by Karen Hendricks / 28 April 2016 / No Comments

Take a deep breath—the deadline for participating in the Spring 2016 Offer via the HSLANJ Group Licensing Initiative has been extended until May 13 (originally set for May 2).

This means, May 13 is the new, but final, deadline for all Spring 2016 Offer packets.

Your Spring 2016 Offer will be accepted through May 13 in order to be included in our special group pricing and rates.  (No exceptions.)

Your Offer will need to be submitted to Robb Mackes via email by the new date—easy to remember because it is “Friday the 13th.” However, superstitions aside, we anticipate nothing but good luck regarding the extension!

Click here to visit the Offer page.

Please note: As of 4/13/16, a new, updated version of the Spring 2016 Offer was uploaded, reflecting significantly reduced pricing on ISPG products. Take a moment to download this new version of the Offer if you have not already done so, in order to work off the most recent document.

Have questions? Contact:  Robert T. Mackes, Project Manager for the HSLANJ GLI

Phone: 570-856-5952 / Click for email

The HSLANJ GLI is endorsed by the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NNLM)as the lead organization capable of assisting health sciences librarians obtain resources.