The R2 Digital Library: A Constant Database in a Changing Landscape…Now with Patron Driven Acquisition

by Robb Mackes / 20 August 2014 / No Comments


We continue our series spotlighting exciting new resources available through the upcoming Fall 2014 Offer, available in September.

By Jason Hafer, Manager, eContent and ePlatform Support, Rittenhouse Book Distributors

As the health sciences library landscape changes, librarians are forced to take a hard look at the databases in use…and the costs associated with them. As older platforms are phased out and replaced with new options, it’s not always easy to work the content you need into the budget you have.

The R2 Digital Library allows you to do just that. While there are more than 5,000 health sciences eBooks available on the platform, all purchases are made at the title level – enabling you to purchase only the content required to support your medical and nursing users. And, with content purchased for the life of the edition, you never have to worry about paying for content tomorrow that your users need today. As a content aggregator, the R2 Digital Library has many resources that are available on single-publisher platforms – with a design that allows these resources to function as a database.

With programs like Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA), the R2 Digital Library consistently gives you the tools you need to build the best collection for your users. PDA on the R2 Digital Library allows you to use your content knowledge to carefully select resources that support the work of your medical and nursing users. As these resources are integrated into the library’s database, your users can help inform you of demand through usage.

The best part about PDA on the R2 Digital Library? There is no automatic purchase – all purchasing decisions remain at the sole discretion of the librarian. That makes PDA on the R2 Digital Library a true collection development tool – and a valuable as you are tasked with bringing the best content to your users.

The R2 Digital Library is available to HSLANJ at preferred member pricing. With more than 5,000 resources from the leading health sciences publishers – including Elsevier, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, F.A Davis, American Medical Association, American Nurses Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, Oncology Nursing Society and more – the R2 Digital Library is the leading eBook database for health sciences specialists. Designed specifically for health sciences, the platform helps you provide the best content to your users with a topic-driven interface.

Click here to visit the Current Offer page to access the Fall 2014 Offer—it will be available in September. Feel free to contact Robb Mackes to receive the password in order to access the Offer: (570) 856-5952 or rtmackes (at)