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HSLANJ offers five levels of membership:


Membership: $110 – Institutional Members shall be Libraries that support the objectives of the Association. Institutional members must be physically located in New Jersey and there can only be one Institutional Member per Library. An Institutional Membership is required for participation in the New Jersey Health Science Interlibrary Loan Network (NJHSN). Institutional Members shall designate one representative to vote on Association matters on the membership application. Once an organization has named an Institutional Representative, that representative can only be changed under the following circumstances: If the representative leaves the organization, is promoted, or the job changes significantly. Employees of institutional members other than the designated representative, may participate in Association activities, but must join as an Individual Member in order to vote, hold office or be eligible to register for CE activities at member rates. Institutional membership in HSLANJ provides automatic membership in the NJ Health Sciences Network for free, reciprocal interlibrary loan. At $11 per article, borrowing just 10 articles from other libraries in the network covers the cost of membership.


Membership: $40 – Affiliate Members shall be individuals wishing to support health sciences libraries in N.J. and the objectives of the association and who have paid the required membership fee. Affiliate membership is for individuals or organizations not eligible for Institutional, Personal, or Student membership and may reside both within and outside of New Jersey. If multiple individuals of one institution seek membership, separate affiliate memberships are required.


Membership: $30 – Individual Members shall be persons who are or were at the time of application, engaged or interested in health care healthcare or allied scientific library work and work in a New Jersey health sciences library or who live in New Jersey and shall have paid the required membership fee.


Membership: $10 – Student Members shall be persons who are enrolled in an accredited library school. Student membership is limited to three consecutive years. Proof of enrollment is required.


Membership: $10 – Retired Members shall be persons who have retired from active library work and paid the required membership fee.



To become a member:

  1. Please click here to complete the membership form.
  2. You will receive an emailed invoice with payment instructions.  Renewals are processed on a weekly basis – every Friday morning.
  3. All dues must be received by Monday, April 1, 2019, for the 2019-20 membership year.


Email Robb Mackes, Executive Director.

If you’re unable to access the form above:

  1. Please click here to download a PDF of the form.
  2. Please complete the form and email it to Robb Mackes, Executive Director.