dreamstimemedium_10814809 webThe Health Sciences Library Association of New Jersey (HSLANJ) recognizes the importance of online social tools for communication with members, prospective members, sponsors, members of the medical and allied health communities and the general public and the general public.

The guidelines below will help open up a respectful interaction with people on the Internet while protecting the privacy, confidentiality, and mission of HSLANJ and its members. HSLANJ’s social media sites are designed to serve as a forum for interaction.

HSLANJ encourages discussions, comments and questions related to both the profession and the organization. All official Forums must be monitored periodically by an administrator who has the authority to remove content that violates these guidelines.

Members are strongly encouraged to invite individuals and groups to subscribe to HSLANJ’s social media sites. Groups include, but are not limited to, Hospital’s Marketing and Media Relations/Communication Departments, Medical Library Association, National Network of Libraries of Medicine’s Regional Medical Libraries, and state Library Associations and Groups.

Only the Executive Director, Communications Committee chair, or their designee, has the authority to create, modify, and delete HSLANJ’s social media sites. HSLANJ reserves the right to suspend, modify or withdraw these Social Media postings guidelines. Any other Social Media sites that are not approved and that contain HSLANJ Trademarks, alleged HSLANJ content, or that otherwise expressly or impliedly purport to be an official HSLANJ Forum should be reported to communications@hslanj.org.

1. Identify yourself-State your name and, when relevant, role at HSLANJ—when discussing HSLANJ  or  HSLANJ- related matters.
2. Be responsible for what you write.
3. Be authentic
4. Consider your audience
5. Exercise good judgment
6. Respect copyrights and fair use
7. Remember to protect confidential & proprietary info
8. Bring value to the posts that you make