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From GLI Project Manager Robert T. Mackes

Group licensing is a creative solution to the escalating cost of high-quality, electronic resources.  By putting the latest interactive medical information at the fingertips of all staff, and at a great cost-savings, ultimately we are seeing the benefits being passed to patients and the general public throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region (MAR) and Southeastern Atlantic Region (SE/A).

The GLI continues to welcome medical librarians from both the MAR and SE/A Regions. The leverage of group purchasing power can only increase for the value-added benefit of all!

Please browse through the website and feel free to contact me with any questions:

Robert T. Mackes, MLS, AHIP

(570) 856-5952

I was a medical librarian in Southern California for a long time.  In 2006, when I moved to New York and started at the regional medical library, I was very impressed to see that HSLANJ was a leader in group licensing.  I had not experienced that in California and I think they serve a very important purpose… I think the HSLANJ GLI is a model for medical librarians throughout the country. 

-Arpita Bose, MLIS, New York Methodist Hospital, Brooklyn, NY