New BrowZine Updates Improve Journal and Article Discovery  

by Karen Hendricks / 23 March 2018 / No Comments

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By Maria Ziemer, Senior Outreach Librarian

Third Iron, LLC, the developer of BrowZine, has released additional APIs and a new medical taxonomy to enhance serendipity and streamline workflow for physicians, nurses, and medical staff.

No longer “just an app,” BrowZine is now the user-facing A-Z list for a growing number of libraries, particularly in the medical field where staying up-to-date with the latest research is crucial. BrowZine makes this easy!

The new APIs offer libraries even more options for integrating BrowZine into the research workflow, bringing much needed serendipity into discovery systems and traditional A-Z lists with instant links to current journal issues and articles-in-context.

20-minute demos of the new APIs are available at

BrowZine users value:

  • Organization – Create customized shelves of favorite journals with My Bookshelf to receive automatic notification of new articles, including articles in press, and save articles to My Articles for reading and referencing later.
  • Efficiency – Users consistently report that BrowZine’s ability to save them time cannot be overstated – in just a few minutes, users can grasp the latest research trends across numerous journals, feeling confident that they have not missed an important breakthrough.
  • Serendipity – BrowZine’s core browsing service means that users do not need to know what they are looking for –browse journals by subject and then browse current Tables of Contents to stay abreast of the literature, or search for journals by title, subject, or ISSN
  • Mobile Sync – Accounts sync instantly across all devices allowing seamless transitions from tablet to phone to computer.

Libraries are making BrowZine the center of the eJournal experience for their patrons, due to the platform’s ease of use, robust journal lookup function, normalization of content, unread article alerting options, and streamlined access across devices.

For more information, or to schedule a demo, contact Hayley Harris.