New PubMed Journal Discovery Tools Integrated into Unbound Medicine’s uCentral

by Karen Hendricks / 05 October 2017 / No Comments

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By  Hillary Fletcher, Institutional Marketing Manager, Unbound Medicine

Medical app visionary, Unbound Medicine, has introduced Prime. Prime is an improved
approach to searching, sharing, discovering, and organizing PubMed inquiries on mobile devices
and the web. Formerly Unbound MEDLINE, Prime has recently been integrated into Unbound
Medicine’s institutional uCentral app.

Feedback from the healthcare community indicates an increased need for an agile, powerful
mobile tool that promises an uncomplicated PubMed experience. Most of the existing mobile
PubMed interface tools have fallen short. Prime connects users to the full PubMed database
allowing for a fluid and personalized experience through its exceptionally-designed interface
and exclusive integrated tools like GrapherenceTM.

Prime PubMed includes:

  • Prime PubMed Search provides classic and clinical search options including
    evidence based filters and limits to provide more precise search results. In addition to
    traditional sorting functions, like searching by type of publication (journal article, case
    report, etc.), Prime users may favorite authors and sources, link to their institutional
    library catalogues to retrieve full journal articles, make notes within citations, and tag,
    export, and share information.
  • Prime Journals incorporates unparalleled content organization. Users may
    subscribe to journals and receive notifications when new journal articles are published.
    Here, too, bookmarking and tagging are accessible to ensure searches are readily
  • Prime ForYou is an exciting new personalized feed that delivers relevant,
    recently published articles that fall within the user’s’ particular area of interest. Prime
    ForYou gathers information collected by Prime PubMed and Prime Journal searches
    providing additional related information sources that might have resided outside of the
    scope of the user’s initial searches.

The combination of features included in Prime make uCentral the obvious choice for keeping up
with primary literature.

Contact us for more information and a free demo of uCentral with Prime:
Kelsea Straube, Sales Associate: 610-627-9090 x305 or email