Ovid Spring Spotlight: LWW Health Libraries Provide All-In-One Access To Essential Titles

by Karen Hendricks / 18 April 2017 / No Comments

By Kara Shaffer, Marketing Specialist, Wolters Kluwer 

Ensure your hospital has the resources to support all staff, faculty and resident’s foundational learning and clinical practice needs with a LWW Health Library.

A subscription-based site with exclusive, authoritative Lippincott content at its core, a LWW Health Library provides a full range of Medical Education, Pharmacy, Allied Health and Medical Practice texts and multimedia for teaching, learning, and practice.

Notable features include:

  • Some 450 exclusive Ovid titles (printable eBook) that update automatically
  • 50,000+ expert Q&A knowledge checks
  • 4,000+ educational videos and animated walk-throughs
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime via any internet-enabled device
  • Integrated semantic search engine for fast information retrieval
  • Available with institution-wide access for all residents and staff

For details of key titles and categories, download the LWW Health Library fact sheet (PDF).

With New Content & Features Coming Soon!

Best of all, LWW Health Libraries are constantly improving. Over the next few months, Wolters Kluwer will introduce new personalized assessment tools to LWW Health Libraries so students can better understand their knowledge and mastery of core concepts, plus benefit from immediate remediation to the eBook content, as needed. In addition, there will be a forthcoming contextual feed to Medline that links to your institutional holdings, putting even more powerful learning right at your users’ fingertips.

If you are interested in learning about or accessing any of these LWW Health Library resources, contact your area’s Ovid representative:
AL, FL, SC – Diane Campagnes: diane.campagnes@wolterskluwer.com; (561) 713-5955

NC, WV – Pattie Curran: pattie.curran@wolterskluwer.com; (781) 440-4850

MA, ME, NH, RI, VT – Betsy Hern: Elizabeth.Hern@wolterskluwer.com; (646) 674-6438

NY Downstate – Stella Hillegass: stella.hillegass@wolterskluwer.com; (860) 559-3346

PA – Tim Herlihy: timothy.herlihy@wolterskluwer.com; (610) 952-9130

NJ, CT, & Upstate NY – Amanda Beagen: amanda.beagen@wolterskluwer.com; (646) 436-6232

DE, MD, DC, VA – David Troy: david.troy@wolterskluwer.com; (443) 857-6300

GA, MS, TN – Tommy Smith: thomas.smith@wolterskluwer.com; 615-332-4760