Researching Zika? Check Out Springer Nature Open Resources!

by Karen Hendricks / 08 November 2016 / No Comments

By Caitlin Cricco, Springer Nature, Marketing Manager, Corporate & Health

Springer Nature has put together an open-access virtual issue around the current Zika virus crisis. The goal of making this content available is for Springer Nature to help students, researchers, health care professionals, and other scientifically minded individuals to better understand the multidisciplinary approach to containing the virus and caring for patients.

The research has been organized into various disciplines and made freely available – this includes:

Particularly of interest to HSLANJ participants is the section on Pharmacology. Open-access links to 34 drug profiles and 7 clinical trial profiles from Adis Insight relevant to the Zika virus are included. Click here to view the full profiles.

Special pricing for Adis Insight, as well as journal and eBook packages, are available to HSLANJ participants. Interested in learning more or setting up a trial? Please contact Caitlin Cricco via email.