Unbound Medicine Offers Drug Interactions from The Medical Letter

by Karen Hendricks / 19 April 2017 / No Comments

By Paul M Stadter, Vice President of Sales, Unbound Medicine Inc.

The Medical Letter has partnered with Unbound Medicine to deliver Drug Interactions–the preeminent drug interaction checker for any healthcare provider involved in the prescribing, dispensing, and/or monitoring of patient drug therapy. It offers detailed, comprehensive, evidence-based, and unbiased information about drug interactions.

Since 1958, The Medical Letter has provided unbiased drug information to healthcare professionals, without any influence of the pharmaceutical industry. Supported by its readers, The Medical Letter does not receive any commercial support, does not sell reprints to industry for promotion, nor do they accept advertising in any of their publications, so that their content represents an unbiased consensus of medical experts.


Prescribers, residents, pharmacists, and students now have a tool to search for drugs on Unbound Medicine’s easy-to-use platform. Through the mobile app or on the web, Drug Interactions provides users with an unbiased resource to quickly search and find potentially harmful interactions between pairs of medications.


With drug interactions at their fingertips, your patrons can start by searching for drugs by both generic and brand name and add them to a list has been built into the app. All known interactions between all selected drugs can then be sorted alphabetically or by significance.

Supported by evidence-based content, your patrons can view detailed monographs about each interaction with descriptions of why pairs of drugs interacting is significant; recommendations about how best to avoid or manage potential interactions; discussions of the evidence; a list of possible effects of the interaction; and information about related drugs.


  • Unbiased drug information – no advertising or pharmaceutical influence
  • Regular updates and FDA approvals to ensure patient safety
  • Search box for locating interactions by generic and brand names
  • Ability to create a list of multiple drugs and view all interactions
  • Drug interactions sorted by significance or name
  • Interaction details including precautionary measures, management, and more
  • Lists of all interactions for any specific drug
  • References with links to the supporting literature in PubMed
  • Favorites for bookmarking important interactions

Contact us for more information:

Sheena Patel, Sales Associate: email / 610-627-9090 x306